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Alex Radu

Agency Director

My Story

Alex brings a unique & charismatic presence to The Radu Group. Originally from Bucharest, Romania; Alex was a world traveler working in the hospitality industry where he worked 10 years on the cruise lines.  Here he worked & served people of all different cultural backgrounds & demographics giving him the necessary communication & people-skills to thrive in his current managerial position.  He joined Liberty National in 2013 after leaving the real estate market.  He accompanied his wife to Chicago in 2015 to help open the agency.   Alex continues to serve the people in Chicago albeit in a different capacity.  He enjoys working at an organization that goes above and beyond to help its’ customers financially when they suffer a loss in life.  Helping companies and their employees understand the depth of the benefits we offer is a great motivator for Alex.  His persistent charm allows him to create a culture of opportunity not only for his customers but also for the people he manages.  He was selected in 2019 to an elite group of Agency Directors company wide, The Seal Team, and since continues to be a top leader in the agency!

When he’s not working, Alex enjoys spending time with his family and you might also run into him at the local gym because he is a physical guru.  Along with his wife they enjoy traveling all across the globe – especially when it brings them near the Autobahn where he likes to get in the fast lane getting his vehicle over 150 mph.  In Chicago, he drives a little slower. 


“Customer service to me is simply being there when your customer needs you but before they have to ask you.”

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