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Supervising Agent

Supervising Agent

Supervising Agent

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Casey Graham

Project Manager


+1 773-679-8385


About Me

Hello! I'm Casey, and my journey has taken me from Decatur, IL, to the bustling streets of Chicago, where I've lived for a vibrant 16 years.

For the past 10 months, I've been part of the incredible team at the Radu Group, where my commitment to exceptional service finds its perfect home. Bringing along 16 years of Chicago Hospitality experience. What  I enjoy about working for The Radu Group is the freedom and self-drive that comes with my current role. The ability to make a real difference while protecting individuals and their families resonates deeply with me.

Learning is my passion, and I thrive on sharing my knowledge. I adore engaging with people and lending a hand whenever possible. The autonomy of my role fuels my self-drive, and I'm dedicated to protecting individuals and their families.

When not at work, you'll find me fly fishing, mastering my golf swing, or enjoying quality time with my four-legged buddy, "Banjo."

Exceptional customer service, to me, means going beyond for those in need, placing quality above personal gain.

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