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Ebony Ford

Supervising Agent

My Story

Ebony Ford grew up in Milwaukee WI, home of the Green Bay packers and Milwaukee Bucks. Champions breed champions. Ebony has 20 years of collection experience where she managed, trained and oversaw development in collections at Vanru Credit and Enterprise recovery systems. She is also a graduate of ministerial school, and feels this helps with building relationships with people and a deep empathy for those she works and comes in contact with. Ebony enjoys the ability to help and educate others about the importance of insuring what you love. She really enjoys her work and budding career at the Radu Group. Working for The Radu Group/Liberty National gives Ebony the the ability to soar with no limits and not be micromanaged as well as the opportunities to provide for her family. She plans on working her way up to becoming an Agency Director in the near future. In her spare time, Ebony dabbles in other entrepreneurial pursuits and volunteers for different ministries associated from her ministry school network. She also enjoys the simple pleasure of being around family and friends, and traveling and enjoying life with them.

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