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Hailey Quick

Social Media Coordinator & Assistant Quality Manager


My Story

Hailey Quick is the Social Media Coordinator, Website Developer and Manager, and Assistant Quality Manager for The Radu Group in Chicago.


Quick is a fine artist from South Louisiana. Utilizing both the figure and native Louisiana animals in her compositions, Hailey’s lithographs and etchings depict a complex personal narrative through a surreal lens. Her work has been featured in the publications: The Hand: Issue 19, Issue 27, Issue 28; California Printmakers Society: Variation on a Theme; Exclamation! Magazine Issue No. 5; Pulse Magazine "Inner Nature” Issue; and Kansas State University’s Seek Magazine Issue Fall 2020. Her work has placed 1st and 3rd in the “2019 New Impressions” and 3rd in the 2020 “New Impresssions” graduate competition, hosted by Speedball, 1st in “Printmaking in the Rockies and the Great Plains”, and has exhibited in multiple locations across the United States and Canada.


Quick has been apart of multiple grant projects. In 2017, she was awarded the ArtSpark grant, where she collaborated with the Children’s Museum of Acadiana to create an interactive exhibit. In 2019, she was awarded the Making the Leap Scholarship, where she worked as a NEH consultant assisting small historical societies better their professionalism through the AASLH’s StEPs program. Making the Leap is part of the “Chapman Center Engagement Scholarship”, and a National Endowment of the Humanities Grant. Hailey also served as a graduate research associate on “Transforming Printmaking Through Chemical Innovation” a National Endowment of the Arts Artwork Grant. Currently Hailey is working as a Teaching Artist for the Community Schools Program, a grant project helping Chicago kids express their creativity through the arts in after-school activities and community programs with Columbia College Chicago.


Hailey Quick graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts in printmaking in 2016. She received her Masters of Fine Art in Printmaking from Kansas State University in May of 2021.

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