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Walker Vauters

Supervising Agent

My Story

Walker Vauters grew up in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. Before working with The Radu Group Walker was Security director of the Deloitte building, a 52 story high rise, from 2007 to 2018.

After over a decade in security, Walker chose to retire to pursue other interests. He tried real estate, but it wasn’t a good fit, and then decided to pursue becoming an agent at The Radu Group since he had previous insurance experience.


Walker wants to continue building up himself and be in a position to help people and small business as well as help enlighten people about personal finances. Walker believes by achieving these objectives it will put one-self on a path of success. He enjoys helping people, and states “My particular expertise has always been customer service and I’ve always been recognized for my customer service skills. At my previous job I would see about 5000 people a day”. Walker has received multiple awards for customer service and tenant relations. He has been professionally trained by the Ritz Carlton program specializing in helping businesses with their customer relations. He was awarded the #2 “Security Professional of the Year” award by the Building Owners and Managers Association of Illinois in 2010.


Walker also holds other professional certifications and licenses.

  • Ministry license

  • Department of Homeland Security certification on “Building Protection and Life Safety”

  • Fire safety director and licensed instructor for “Fire, Life, and Safety in High-rise Building”

  • Bachelors of Arts in Science and Theology from Grand Canyon University in Arizona

  • Masters of Biblical Studies degree from Next Dimension University in California

  • Currently working on a doctorate In theological studies from Next Dimension University.



In his free time Walker is continuing to pursue ministry studies to become a pastor. He is also currently assistant pastor at his church and he serves the community on many levels. Walker works at his local food pantry, providing aid to those in need. He is part of Scarce, an organization based in Addison that donates books and non profit work to communities in area. He also belongs to a missions team that provides aid to various countries including Africa, and provides other charitable work. Walker’s belief is “I see someone doing something worthwhile, then I like to donate my time and resources to it”.


Walker also enjoys being active and likes to jog in the park, has a strong chess game, and is really excited to ride the eclectic bike he just got.

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