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Michael Gurdak

Project Manager


+1847 774 9485


About Me

Born in Chicago and raised mostly in the suburbs, attended high school in McHenry. Spent approximately 8 years during my 20s in varied locations, from college at NIU, to serving and bartending at a seafood and sushi restaurant on Hilton Head Island, SC. 

Started at the Radu Group early Fall of 2023, before this I was Bartender and B2B Energy Sales. The challenge and excitement that comes with the variability of the business. I enjoy working for the Radu Group because one day is ever the same as the next. 


I’m passionate about connecting with people and putting a customer’s needs before my own. I also realize it takes a team to truly accomplish one’s own goals. We all have strengths we need to utilize, but we all have weaknesses as well. Working as a team enables people to lean into their strengths, while working on their weaknesses through the example of those with strengths in those areas; allowing for continuous progress forward.

I enjoy traveling, playing with my silly doggo, grilling meats and eating tasty treats, and playing rounds of golf. When I need to recharge the batteries I enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, snowmobiling, boating, and yard games, all weather permitting obviously. Otherwise, you’ll likely find me play video games. 

Delivering on expectations timely; fulfilling all current known needs, and anticipating future needs while creating a comfortable homelike environment. 

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